Psychology  Observational Study and Survey

Post Part I (minimum of 250 words)Imagine that you want to study cell phone use by drivers. You decide to conduct an observational study of drivers by making observations at three locations—a busy intersection, an entrance/exit to a shopping mall parking lot, and a residential inter- section. You are interested in the number of people who use cell phones while driving.1. How would you recommend conducting this study?2. How would you recommend collecting the data?3. What concerns do you need to take into consideration?Post Part 2 (minimum of 250 words)A student at your school wants to survey students regarding their credit card use. She decides to conduct the survey at the student center during lunch hour by interviewing every fifth person leaving the student center.1. What type of survey would you recommend she use?2. What type of sampling technique is being used?3. Can you identify a better way of sampling the student body?

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