Psychology  350 word discussion

Discussion Board Question #7In chapter 6, you learned about the various explanations on the acquisition of grammar. Several accounts have been proposed to explain how grammar comes to be, including semantic bootstrapping, the principles and parameters theory, constructivist approaches and as you saw in Video – Words and Rules (by Steven Pinker), Pinker’s Rules and Memory Theory.PROMPT:Of the various theories listed above and/or in your textbook, which theory do you believe best explains how grammar comes to be? In your response, briefly describe the theory you have selected and then provideat least two (2) reasonswhy you believe your chosen theory best explains grammar acquisition. Feel free to choose a particular aspect of grammar of interest (e.g., making words plural; phrase structure; word order; past tense) if it helps you respond to the prompt.REFERENCES: Your answer should appropriately use/cite research;you should have a reference for each reason/argument for a total of 2 references.For this assignment, only peer-reviewed journal articles, chapters or edited books are allowable references. You may not use your textbook or websites as a reference.

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