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Qualitative data collection can lead to load of information being taken in, followed by a struggle to organize and interpret the data. A strategy that can be used to narrow the amount of data and information being collected would be have a clear and concise idea of what will be asked of the participants. According to Johnson, Dunlap, & Benoit (2010), “The most fundamental requirement is to be clear about what the qualitative research project is designed to accomplish.” Having multiple research and data points to be collected upon leads to disorganization and and can sometimes feel like there is a lack of purpose in the study for researchers involved. Another helpful strategy is to have a well trained staff that is able to organize data into files and documents to be studied. Johnson et al. (2010) stated, “The major difficulties involve a need for staff who can program and manage large databases, and who can be skillful analysts of both qualitative and quantitative data”. A researcher is only as good as their staff. If their staff is collecting incorrect data or not following proper protocol when filing away the information, the researcher will lose out on that information and it may compromise the integrity of their study.

Johnson, B. D., Dunlap, E., & Benoit, E. (2010). Organizing “mountains of words” for data analysis, both qualitative and quantitative. Substance use & misuse, 45(5), 648–670. doi:10.3109/10826081003594757

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