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There are three types of qualitative research; phenomenological, grounded theory, and ethnographic research. Phenomenological research examines how different people perceive and understand different situations. The information is collected by the people who have experienced the situation being evaluated. Grounded theory research is a symbolic reaction theory used to find problems that are in a social scene. This theory explains how the person experiencing it deals with the situation. It uses formulas, testing, and redevelopment until the theory is created. Both grounded theorists and phenomenologists are the same in that they both collect data and analyze it based on the person’s perspectives who experienced it. They both include social and real life experiences that the person actually lives. The difference between phenomenology and grounded theory studies are that phenomenology is from philosophy that describes a person’s experience that happened. The grounded theory is from sociology and data is collected to explain how the person views the experience. The grounded theory interviews things they can actually observe such as diaries, photos, past research or literature (Grove, Grey, Burns, 2015). Phenomenology captures the spirit of real life experiences.(Grove, Grey, Burns, 2015). An example of a phenomenological research theory would be a researcher interviewing a survivor of a plane crash. The survivor would elaborate on their personal experiences which is based on their perspective of the crash. An example of a grounded research theory would include the same information about the victim, but would have the facts related to the case such as photos, newspaper article, and cause of crash.

Grove, S., Gray, J., & Burns, N. (2015).Understanding Nursing Research, 6th Edition.Saunders,

  1. VitalBook file.

Ethnographic research is a Qualitative research method that is used

To investigate cultures of a population.

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