Research Article Analysis 1


Instructions for Research Article Analysis 1
Read the article labeled ‘Article analysis 1’ that is located under the gold header Articles for Analyses Assignments, in the assignment box. You will then answer each of the following questions on this form (leave the questions and just add your responses) in BLUE. Make sure that you are answering each and every question with enough detail and specificity. If the question does not pertain to this particular study, then just respond with “N/A” or “None.” If you erase a question, you will be deducted those points. A PDF version is also available in case you need to reference it.

Research problem:
What is the problem addressed in this study?
Why did the researchers attempt to address this problem? What problem existed (in the setting, in terms of a lack of research, a need for further research, etc.) that prompted them to address this one?
Purpose of the Study:
What was the purpose of the study? (See chapter 4 for possible purposes)
Will the study add to the body of literature in this field? How?
Research Question(s):
Did the authors offer any research questions?
If so, what were they? Do they match the purpose of the study?
Research Process
What type of study method was used (quantitative, qualitative, or mixed methods)
Was the study cross-sectional or longitudinal?
Do the authors identify a theoretical/conceptual framework that guided their study? If so, what is it?
Conceptualization (Ch 7)
What is/are the independent variable(s) and what level (nominal, ordinal, interval, or ratio) of measurement is it/are each?
What is/are the dependent variable(s) and what level (nominal, ordinal, interval, or ratio) of measurement is it/are each?
What Is/are the controlled variable(s)?
What is/are the constant(s)?
What are the operational definitions of each variable? Be specific.
Do the authors offer a hypothesis? If so, what is it? Does it match the purpose of the study?
What type of relationship did the hypothesis predict would exist between the variables? (Positive/direct, negative/ inverse, or curvilinear)
What was/were the source(s) of data for the variables? (Direct observation, self-report, available records, scale, etc). Be specific.

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