Psychology  Nichowilliam

This has 3 separate discussion assignments. Each discussions has to be at least 250 words and cite relevant academic source(s) for each discussionDiscussion 1:On the USW website,, click on the Academics tab at the top of the page, and then click on the Institutional Review Board option.  This will take you to a page explaining the IRB at USW.  At the bottom of the page you will see links to the IRB Handbook, and to the USW IRB Application.Review these materials carefully.  How do you think human subjects participating in counseling research can be harmed?  Explain your position using what you have been reading so far in the course.Next, find an example on the internet (no “.com sites, wikipedia etc.), in USW’s online library, or in your local library of research where human subjects were harmed.  Briefly explain the research, including how it was set up, what it was trying to find, how the results could benefit the greater good, and how the human subjects were harmed.   Summarize your post with your thoughts about how this harm could have been avoided.  Did the ends justify the means?Discussion 2:Compare and contrast the characteristics of the positivist and qualitative research paradigm.Discussion 3:Locate an example of a single-subject research design published in a professional journal. Identify the type of design, the outcome measure, and how well the intervention is described.  Judge for yourself whether the author’s conclusions are justified by the data. Provide your rationale for why the conclusions are, or are not, justified.

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