Psychology  Discussion 1: Understanding Job Attitudes and Their Measurement (1 page paper without title and reference page.)

Job attitudes are influenced by organizations, their unique cultures, and their unique leadership. In turn, attitudes are involved in almost every facet of an employee’s work life and ultimately an organization’s success. Attitudes employees have in the workplace are reflected in their feelings and behaviors that can affect their success on the job and that of their organization in their industry. The ability to accurately measure job attitudes and use the data from those assessments will help in making effective and focused decisions to address problems or to foster changes in organizations.In this Discussion, you will explain how job attitudes might be measured and how an organization might use the results to foster change or address an organizational problem.To prepare for this Discussion:Identify a current or past workplace or one that you know well to use in your discussion example.Read the article “Attitudes: Satisfaction, Commitment and Involvement,” focusing specifically on pages 2–4 and 9–15. Consider job attitudes and their measurement as well as the relationship among various job attitude constructs.• Read the article “Generational Differences in Workplace Attitudes and Job Satisfaction: Lack of Sizable Differences Across Cohorts.” Consider ways in which generations differ and how that could influence how to measure job attitudes.• Read the article “The Role of Age in the Relationship Between Work Social Characteristics and Job Attitudes.” Think about how to account for differences in the age of employees and their different needs and how that could affect measurement strategies and findings.Read the article “Job Attitudes, Job Satisfaction, and Job Affect: A Century of Continuity and Change.” Identify trends in job attitudes research over time and how that could affect data collection methodology.Read the article “The Relation Between Activity-Based Work Environments and Office Workers’ Job Attitudes and Vitality.” Reflect on how work environments can affect job attitudes.By Day 3Post a response to the following:Provide an explanation of how you might measure job attitudes in your chosen organization (Amazon work employee) and how that assessment might be used in addressing an organizational problem or a strategic change initiative. It is suggested that you pick out one job attitude and consider one related assessment process or instrument.

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