Psychology  250 wrd

Prior to completing your initial post, read Chapter 5 and 8 of your course text and viewing Sleep Disorders.  These required materials examine topics on neurotransmitter and  receptor systems, anatomical structures, neurological functional  pathways and their role in control of movement, consciousness and sleep,  and how they correlate to selected related disorders. Choose from the  following options for your initial post:Option A:  Evaluate one of the disorders of consciousness covered this week.  Explain theories of etiology (causation), including the neuroanatomical  structures, neurotransmitter/receptor systems, and the functional  nervous system pathways involved. Include an analysis of the  contribution of genetics, the environment, and lifestyle to the  development and natural history of the condition. Provide information  regarding diagnostic criteria and evaluate options for care  interventions (both pharmacologic and nonpharmacologic). Lastly,  identify the neuroanatomical structures and any  neurotransmitter/receptor systems involved.You must use a  minimum of one peer-reviewed source that was published within the last  five years, documented in APA style, as outlined in the Ashford Writing  Center.  Your post should be a minimum of 250 words. You may cite and  reference your textbook, required reading and/or multimedia, but these  will not fulfill the source requirement.Option B:  Evaluate one of the sleep disorders covered this week. Explain theories  of etiology (causation), including the neuroanatomical structures,  neurotransmitter/receptor systems, and the functional nervous system  pathways involved.  Include an analysis of the contribution of genetics,  environment, and lifestyle to the development and natural history of  the condition. What information can you add regarding diagnostic  criteria? Evaluate the options for care interventions (both  pharmacologic and nonpharmacologic).  Lastly, identify the  neuroanatomical structures and any neurotransmitter/receptor systems  involved.You must use a minimum of one peer-reviewed source  that was published within the last five years, documented in APA style,  as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center. Your post should be a minimum  of 250 words. You may cite and reference your textbook, required  reading and/or multimedia, but these will not fulfill the source  requirement.Book1. American Psychiatric Association. (2013). The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. (5th ed.). Washington, D.C.: American Psychiatric Publishing.This is the manual of psychiatric diagnostic criteria used by mental health professionals.Multimedia1. Lerner, E., & Learner, A. C. (Executive producers).  (2006). Sleep disorders [Video file].  Retrieved from the Films On Demand database.This video provides an overview of selected sleep disorders.Recommended ResourceArticle1. McCall, W. V., Kimball, J., Boggs, N., Lasater, B., D’Agostino, R. B., & Rosenquist, P. B.  (2009).  Prevalence and prediction of primary sleep disorders in a clinical trial of depressed patients with insomnia (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.. Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine, 15(5), 454-458.  Retrieved from article provides a discussion of selected sleep disorders in the setting of depression.

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