Nursing question reflection

PurposeThe self-assessmentÿis completed using the TIGER-basedÿ Assessment of Nursing Informatics Competencies ÿ(TANIC) tool. TIGER refers to the Technology Informatics Guiding Education Reform Initiative which identified a list of the minimum informatics competencies for all nurses and students graduating from pre- and post-licensure programs.ÿ Theÿgraded self-evaluation of your informatics competenciesÿisÿrequiredÿin order to increase one?s own understandingÿ ofÿcompetencies in nursing informaticsÿwhich will enable ÿthe planning of strategies to ÿenhance knowledge and skills.Reflect upon your current or most recent clinical practice as an ICU bedside nurseÿand answer the following:How is informatics used?Regarding the Pre-TANIC Self-Assessment for this week, how did your perceived competency level prior to the self-assessment compare to after the self-assessment? Explain in detail.What TWO competencies do you use in your current clinical role? Provide examples.Identify TWO resources to develop a strategic plan to enhance your competency skills.Which resources are suited to your needs and why?How do you intend to enact this improvement plan?Please follow the rubric when answering each question, APA format, references within the last 5 years

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