Global Health

Please choose ONE of the questions below and write a post that thoroughly addresses the question in 2-3 paragraphs, using at least one scholarly reference.Questions:One possible estimate is that the world’s population will be over 10 billion people by the year 2100. How might the lives of children born today be different if this is true? What advancements do you think would have to be made in education, medicine, public health and/or the food and water supply in order to support a global community of this size? (Please do not respond saying we will just need more. Think about how this can be accomplished).Communicable diseases are very accomplished at crossing the borders of countries. Discuss the challenges of global communicable disease control and summarize a recent outbreak of disease that occurred in at least two countries. What do you believe were risk factors for this outbreak? What could have been done differently to prevent the outbreak?Health disparities can be seen when comparing the health outcomes of different countries. Give an example of two countries- where one country has a health disparity in comparison to the other. Identify the disparity and summarize it’s impact AND an existing or potential global health program that might be successful in eliminating the health disparity.Your post should be 2-3 paragraphs long, following the requirements outlined in the discussion rubric under course materials.

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