Evidence-Based Practice Case Study.

EBP case studyYou are consulting with the education and practice development team in a large tertiary carehospital serving a region comprising mostly rural communities. The team is responsible forstrengthening the implementation of EBP based on outcomes. Over the next 2 years, it must setperformance objectives to (1) strengthen screening for pain, depression, and adverse healthbehaviors (smoking, excess alcohol intake, and body mass index [BMI] greater than 30) at intake forall adult admissions; (2) implement comprehensive geriatric assessment for all those over age 65hospitalized for more than 7 days or readmitted within less than 3 days following discharge; and (3)promote care-team performance.The hospital has 200 adult admissions each week and has implemented an electronic healthrecord. Guideline dissemination generally occurs through educational venues or via the electronicpolicy and procedure manual. The method of documentation for narrative notes is documentationby exception using subjective, objective, assessment, and plan (SOAP) and the hospital has madeextensive use of checklists to complement the documentation system.Discussion Questions1. (200 words) Using clinical guidelines and standards of care, identify what data elements should beincluded in the EHR assessment and evaluation screens if these goals are to be achieved.2. (200 words) Identify how information system defaults and alerts could be used to achieve these goals.3. (200 words) Once screening has been improved, what are the next steps in improving patientoutcomes?4. (200 words) How could the electronic health record be designed to support these outcome-relatedgoals?Please use the attached book and APA format.

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