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Discussion Question: Why should program managers be concerned with realism during the acquisition Test & Evaluation process?

Instruction: Replies should be at least 160 word, include a direct question and add value to the discussion.

STUDENT 1: Green

Why should program managers be concerned with realism during the acquisition T&E process?

The program manager is required to address distinct aspects of the acquisition program such as information technology systems, services, weapon system and management in order to address the acquisition processes effectively. Defense Operations enhances the workplace of a subordinate official for the defense of the accession, logistics, and technology that boost decision-making process for the acquisition program through quality engineering and program assessment support. As a result, it promotes successful operation of the program through recommendations of the independent actions of the government program management.

Program description is realized as the next stage in the process of the program manager through illustrating the Capabilities Development Document (CDD). In the case of the Joint Capabilities Integration and Development System processes the program description suggests the objective for facilitating appropriate insights into the realization of a coordinated approach for systems development. The estimation of the needs could be assumed as vital contributors to the planning stage of the program management process.

Therefore a project manager must be able to anticipate the interplay between these external factors in order to ensure effective management of a defense acquisition program while addressing crucial and diverse interests which could also be conflicting in nature. The success of a defense acquisition program from the perspective of a program manager could be estimated in the delivery of the system within the stipulated time, cost restraints and addressing the requirements of the defense system (Patterson, 2013). Testing the product or equipment is necessary just in case modifications or upgrades are needed whether major or minor.


Patterson, J. D. (2013). Time as an Independent Variable: A Tool to Drive Cost Out of and Efficiency into Major Acquisition Programs (No. NPS-AM-13-C10P01R02-031). Tennessee Univ. Knoxville.

STUDENT 2: Scott

Test realism in the T&E process is important to ensure that the weapon system will perform in a real world environment. This may be difficult to test when the weapon system is still in the DT&E phase as most of the tests will take place in a lab environment. DT&E isn’t necessarily the stage where realism is as important because testing at this stage is meant to prove design concepts and refine engineering. OT&E is the stage where realism becomes relevant and more testable. Realism matters because the weapon system will be expected to function in austere environments against an enemy that is seeking to degrade its environment. The Test and Evaluation Guide references four key areas the IOT&E testing should be concerned with. The test should be able to replicate the normal elements that the weapon system will be operating in and around such as different terrain, weather, day/night, and rugged living conditions. Testing should also include realistic combat testing under the assumption that the enemy is properly trained and using enemy doctrine as well as how it would function in a dirty war (cberne, nuclear, jamming, etc.). How will the system be maintained in the field? And last can the average operator effectively use the equipment, not just hand selected savants in their career field. If the tests are not designed to test these factors then fielding the equipment could end in disaster. For example, the V-22 Osprey is probably viewed as one of the unsafest aircraft that the military uses with one of its issues such as the significant downdraft pushing dust into its intakes being a perfect example of something that should have been caught with realistic testing.

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