Assignment: Home Safety Plan Concept Map

Assignment: Home Safety Plan Concept Map (individual activity)Instructions – Students should develop a concept map that holistically addresses the following:o Mr. Amid?s strengths and challenges as an individual, as member of a family, and as a member of a community (Students should use creativity and logic to fill in the gaps in Mr. Amid?s story that are not explicit in the virtual experience.)o The map should also identify and cluster home safety issues from the perspective of what was observed in the virtual experience and what was missing or unable to be assessed in Mr. Amid?s environment.o Upload the completed concept map in the dropbox provided.Note: The drawing tools in MS Word should be sufficient to create a digital concept map; purchase of concept mapping software is not required to complete this assignment.MODEL 6 NOTES8/21/2020 5:49:47 AMA response that validates Mr. Amid?s assessment that he has ÿÿnever had a problem before, while explaining that you want to prevent ÿÿanything bad from happening in the future, is the best option. A ÿÿconfrontational, judgmental style is not appropriate (such as suggesting that ÿÿMr. Amid will fall and break his other hip, or that you believe he would want ÿÿto make changes). Nor it is appropriate to address a concern for the ÿÿgrandchildren (however kind in intention) by suggesting that the ÿÿgrandchildren should clean the home, instead of addressing Mr. Amid?s ongoing ÿÿhealth issues.8/21/2020 5:47:27 AMCleaning the home and removing hazards (such as standing water ÿÿand repairing items with frayed electrical cords) are necessary changes ÿÿbefore Mr. Amid?s environment will be safe enough for him to return home. Pet ÿÿfeces and rodents are a sanitation/cleanliness issue, and can also be a ÿÿhealth hazard, as are food and liquids that have been open and out of the ÿÿrefrigerator. Standing water in tubs, sinks and large buckets can be a health ÿÿhazard, as well as a drowning hazard for children. Because frayed cords ÿÿpresent a fire hazard, they will need to be removed or repaired before they ÿÿare used again. Although it is important to present Mr. Hassan Amid with ÿÿsmoking-cessation materials, putting up ?No Smoking? signs throughout his ÿÿhouse is not the best option. Although it might be helpful to go shopping and ÿÿfill the refrigerator and cupboards with healthy foods, this is not the role ÿÿof the PHN.8/21/2020 5:46:39 AMRisk for fall Fire Dirty Disorganized8/21/2020 4:40:28 AMYou should systematically assess the exterior and interior of ÿÿMr. Amid?s home for concerns that may pose a health or safety hazard or risk ÿÿfor him and his extended family. There are eight locations in Mr. Amid’s ÿÿhouse and yard you must visit. Open the map view of his property by clicking ÿÿon the Map button along the left edge of the screen. Click on a point on the ÿÿmap to move to that location. Each location will have two to four indicators. ÿÿFor example, you start in the front yard where there are three indicators you ÿÿmust click on.8/21/2020 4:39:50 AMNeeds assessment on home for safety issues Risk for fall8/21/2020 4:37:37 AMHello, my name is Hassan Amid. I?m 78 and have lived alone ÿÿsince my wife passed away over a year ago. I am trying to get by the best I ÿÿcan, but it is hard without my Amara. This old house has been the gathering ÿÿplace for our family since we built it in 1950, but at times I wonder if I ÿÿcan still take care of it. Both of my children and their families live near ÿÿenough to visit regularly. I love it when my grandkids and great-grandkids ÿÿcome over to see me and play with the old toys I have in the house. I have bad ÿÿarthritis, diabetes, high blood pressure, and some trouble with my heart. I ÿÿdo take lots of medications, but I do a pretty good job of keeping them ÿÿstraight. Last month I tripped on my back deck and broke my hip. They fixed ÿÿthe hip and then sent me to a transitional care unit where I have been ÿÿgetting physical and occupational therapy. They tell me I am getting better, ÿÿand should be ready to go home soon, but my house is kind of a mess, and one ÿÿof the nurses told me she isn?t sure it is safe for me to live there right ÿÿnow. At least with being here for a month, I?m not smoking any more. I?m ÿÿpretty happy about that. They are going to send one of the public health ÿÿnurses over to check out my house to see what needs to be fixed so it is safe ÿÿfor me to live there again. They told me that after the nurse goes through my ÿÿhouse, she will visit me and help me with a plan to fix the house.

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