Applying the Tripartite Model

Assessment InstructionsCreate a short (approximately 2 pages) plan reflecting on how the ÿthree aspects of the tripartite model of teaching, service, and ÿscholarship could be met for a particular nurse educator position in a ÿcontext of interest to you.In your plan, do the following:Describe the nurse educator role that your plan addresses, as ÿwell as any other pertinent details about that role. Be sure to give the ÿrole’s title and explain the context in which that role works.Analyze the teaching, service, and scholarship expectations for ÿthat role as you understand them, and how those expectations fit with ÿthe role.Identify publications, journals, and conferences that could be a ÿfit for the scholarship conducted in this role. Explain the kinds of ÿscholarship that would be a good fit for person in this role and with ÿthis expertise.Generate a plan that could be used by a person in this role for meeting each of the expectations you analyzed.Analyze additional qualifications that you believe are needed for ÿthis role (additional education, certifications, skills, and so on), ÿexplaining why they are necessary.Analyze the qualifications and areas of expertise related to this role that would facilitate serving as a change agent.Additional RequirementsYour plan should meet the following requirements:Written communication: Written communication should be free of grammar and spelling errors that distract from the content.APA format: Use correct APA format, including ÿrunning head, page numbers, and a title page. Citations and references ÿ(if used) are to be in correct APA format.Format: Submit your assessment as a Word document.Length: Approximately two double-spaced pages, not including theÿtitle page and references page.Font and font size:ÿTimes New Roman or Arial, 12 point.Applying the Tripartite ModelView Scoring Guide Use the scoring guide to enhance your lea

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