statistical analysis 15


Your response should be 400-750 words, in APA format, 12pt font, 1″ margins, references page, etc. (abstract not required). Make sure to use a .doc, docx, or rtf file format and attach the file when submitting. Also, these assignments have a minimum of five (5) required sources. While the video can count as one source, this means you need to find additional sources to add detail and support to your answers. Look for real world examples in the news, peer reviewed journals, etc. For more information about the assignments, refer to the assignment and its grading rubric on Blackboard.


(See Module 5)

Video 1:

Video 2:


One of the funniest episodes of the Mythbusters is also one that is full of different experiments and hypothesis testing examples. Adam and Jaime try 4 different techniques for “sobering up” and make conclusions – either busted (i.e., fail to reject the null) or plausible (i.e., reject the null) – about each. Do you agree with their conclusions? Which ones do you agree with? Why do you agree or disagree?

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