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CalSouthern University considers it a violation of Academic Integrity to knowingly _____________________________.Give your own opinion on the topic of your researchSubmit another person’s work and present it as that of the Learner’s, without properly citing the source of workUse phrases commonly used in public domain, like Weapons of Mass DestructionOmit quotation marks when an author’s words are presented as a block quotationClick the item below that completes this sentence:At CalSouthern University, the purpose of Academic Integrity is to ensure the ________________ of each academic field is not contaminated by incorrect or unsubstantiated information.Body of knowledgeText booksTerminology and definitionsEthicsWhich of the following is a resource available from the University to support Academic Integrity?CalSouthern Writing Lab resourcesCalSouthern University Academic Integrity PolicyCalSouthern University Academic Integrity Tutorial All of the aboveThe key to academic integrity is to clearly distinguish between the writer’s (in this case the Learner’s) presentation of ideas on a topic and _______________________.The original topic assignedAn abstract for the paperThe use of sources to amplify and support the writer’s ideasInstructions from the MentorThe Schools of Business and Behavioral Sciences adhere to standards for the attribution and the citation of sources set by the:American Medical Association (AMA) Center for Learning and Communication (CLC)Modern Language AssociationAmerican Psychological Association (APA)True or False: As long as a paper includes a reference list, no citations are needed within the text of the paper.TrueFalseYou do not need to use quotation marks around an author’s exact wordsif:The quotation is less than 40 wordsThe full citation is included in the References list at the end of the paperYou give the author’s name somewhere in the paragraphNone of the aboveFrom the following examples, select the item that does NOT need to be cited:An interview with an expert in your field that you heard on the radioStatistics from a government websiteYour own ideas and comments about your research topicA summary of a peer-reviewed articleWhich combinations of statements below is true? Turnitin® is software used by Mentors and Learners that:Time and date stamps Learner assignments when they are turned inEncourages academic integrity by comparing written submissions against extensive databasesis widely used in Colleges and Universities across the U.S.Is only used for dissertationsA and DA and BB and CC and D

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