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IBM SPSS Discriminant AnalysisFor this final week, we run a discriminant analysis over the data provided by George and Mallery. The file we will use is called graduate.sav and can be downloaded from the IBM SPSS Statistics Step by Step 25 datasets [ZIP] file provided by the textbook publisher (linked in Resources).Follow the step-by-step procedures, provided in Section 22.3 of the IBM SPSS Statistics Step by Step text. Turn in your output to the instructor by Sunday. Be sure to include a discussion (following APA 6th edition style) of the major results.Reproduce all of the IBM SPSS output from the analysis and copy and paste them into a Word document called week10assign.doc. See the Data Analysis Formatting Guidelines, linked in the Resources, for more information. The entire assignment is due this week by Sunday at midnight, Central Standard Time, in the assignment area.

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