Psychology  Psychology Discussion Question

To complete this activity,Choose one of the following situations from everyday life in which learning (i.e., a relatively permanent change in behavior) is desirable.Margot wants her husband, Todd, to stop leaving his dirty laundry on the floor.Coach K wants to increase his basketball players’ free-throw percentages.Moore wants his dog to stop jumping up on visitors.Biggs Boss wants his employees to arrive on time.O’Neill wants her preschoolers to raise their hands before speaking.Joe wants his son to earn good grades.Jack wants his girlfriend, Jill, to show more affection.Marty wants his friend, Dave, to stop smoking.Insert your own situation: ____________________________________Prepare a plan utilizing operant conditioning principles to change the behavior of the targeted individual(s), clearly identifying and justifying suitable reinforcers or punishers to attain your desired outcome.Example: If I want my son to eat his vegetables (i.e., increase a desired behavior), I could do several things.If he eats his vegetables, I could apply a positive reinforcer by adding something he does like, such as screen time; alternatively, I could apply a negative reinforcer by taking away something he does not like, such as one of his weekly chores.If he does not eat his vegetables, I could apply a positive punisher by adding something he does not like, such as a new weekly chore; alternatively, I could apply a negative punisher by taking away something he does like, such as screen time.After you have shared your plan, discuss at least three factors that might impact the success of your plan, including social and cultural considerations.Describe at least one ethical consideration as relevant to operant conditioning.With regard to “learning”:Review the suggestions provided by your peer and provide useful input on the potential effectiveness.Discuss other strategies that align with operational conditioning that could also sculpt the behavior in your peer’s choice of scenario. Would classical conditioning be effective? Does observational learning play a role in this behavior?If you did not post originally on this content, share you own behavioral modification plan.Must be minimum of 300 words

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