Psychology  PSY/110 Week 1 Questions

In this first week of the Psychology of Learning, we explore personal fulfillment and what success looks like for you. We also take a close look at the role of self-awareness, and how to leverage that awareness to keep moving toward your goals. This week’s reading assignments examine the ingredients for success, benefits of self-awareness, and how to examine your own personal strengths.Take a moment to consider your own strengths and how they relate to your personal goals.Respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words:How do you define success?Consider some the ingredients for success (self-awareness, self-direction, self-esteem, and positive thinking). Which of these are the most difficult for you and why?Why is it important to understand your own strengths and weaknesses?How can becoming more self-aware help you reach your goals?What resources do you consider vital to your success (support, mentors, additional skills, etc.)?

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