Psychology  nutrition

To understand how to lose, gain, or maintain weight one must understand their energy balance. This assignment will have you analyze your energy in versus energy out.AS Instructions:In a spreadsheet, record your dietary intake, including all meals, snacks, and drinks, for 3 consecutive days. Calculate the total kilocalories for each day. If you are unsure about a particular item, apps such as myfitnesspal can be useful.Using approximately 450-500 words, calculate your basal metabolic rate and describe what adjustments you would make to your diet to help you gain, lose, or maintain your weight. If this tracking was expanded over a week, would you have an energy balance? How does your exercise routine alter your energy balance?My overall daily meals usually consists of homecooked meals, oatmeal and fruits for breakfast, lunch rice and chicken stew, for snacks I eat fruits. dinner consist of cooked veggies, rice, stew. I drink lots of water durring the day. that’s my usual meal which you may talk about in the assignment. thanks

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