Psychology  middle age

This week we are discussing middle age.  As you recall from Chapter 1, there are several aspects of aging:1) Biological aging refers to how the body functions and changes over time especially in relation to metabolic changes. In middle age, the body is undergoing catabolism (slow deterioration from the body’s peak to death).2) Psychological aging – how one feels about his/her age; perception of personal age.3) Social aging – how one’s chronological age is viewed within society or cultural context and is affected by occupational or socioeconomic status.For this week’s discussion, select a middle-aged person that you know and discuss these three aspects of aging and how they relate to your person.  Please use at least three references to the text (chapters 15 and 16)  in your response.  No need to respond to peers.  Please make sure that you are reading the right chapters on middle adulthood.

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