Psychology  Discussion response W3 (Wanda)

One scholarly resource…My results for this assessment are as follows: Theoretical 69, Economic 81, Aesthetic 84, Social 66, Political 61, and Religious 54. I feel these results are quite accurate. My biggest passion has always been trying to see the beauty in things, but I have always had a passion about caring for others as well. As explained from our text, Aesthetic people find chief interest in artistic episodes of life and each impression to be enjoyed for its own sake (Manning, 2018). I try to look at life in that manner. Whether it is person, animal, place, or even a situation everything has a purpose, we may not know exactly what that is at this moment.What are your thoughts about your orientation and how it makes you an effective leader?I believe this allows me the opportunity to see the self-worth in others and gives me the chance to utilize it to their potential. This will also allow me to enhance my skills in the hopes of becoming a better leader. As an effective leader, one must possess the following qualities: a passion for the cause larger than themselves, holder of values, a vision (derives from creativity and intellectual drive), confidence, ability to plan and organize, and interpersonal skills (Larson). As I reread and rethink the characteristics of my profile, I can see my own vision to growing and instilling my qualities into an effective leadership role. By utilizing my ability to strategize the whole situation and integrate knowledge with the values I possess, I feel it allows me to advance and enhance my skills.Larson, Sandra. What Makes for an Effective Leader?, G. (2018). The Art of Leadership (6th ed.). McGraw-Hill Higher Education

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