Psychology  Case study

Test ContentStudents, Read and Study all the Learning Theories from the book and proceed to answer the questions. If you Upload it MUST write it on a Word Document…Students, Read the following Case Study and answer the questions below it:Case Study:”Prior to registering in the Addictions course the thought of working with people with addictions made me nervous and angry. Much has changed for me. I believed addicts were making a conscious choice to participate in risky activites. For Me, that way of thinking lent itself to the belief that people who do illegal drugs are selfish, not concerned about hurting others and not willing to change. The classroom lectures, readings and journals, and the class participation helped me change my perspective about addictions. This course helped me develop a sense of empathy toward people who are addicted. As a psychologist, I will be more understanding about my client’s experience with addictions…”What theory of Learning is reflected in this Case Study?Explain the theory

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