Psychology  Age 5- Early Childhood

A.  Physical:Child’s height and weight at age 5?Motor skills/abilitiesFavorite activities and toys?Health (vaccinations?)Regular physical activity?B. Social/emotionalRelationship with Family members (how do they interact with  parents and siblings?) Do they spend time with extended family members?Identify/Describe the parenting styles of the parents.(Bronfenbrenner) Where/when does the child spend time with other children? Does the child play well with othersErikson: How does the child exhibit initiative or guilt?How does the child describe himself/herself (self-concept)?Describe the child’s self-esteem at this age.C:    CognitiveAge of learning to read first sight wordsDescribe the child’s attention and memory abilities.Piaget: How does the child exhibit preoperational skills?How does the child exhibit limitations in thinking such as egocentrism?Vygotsy: how has the child learned skills through interactions with others?What is the child’s level of moral development?D.  Apply Freud or other theory.  In this  section, you need to apply a theory other than the theories already  addressed in this handout.  For example, you could apply Freud,  Behaviorism, attachment theory, etc.  You will need to provide examples  from your child’s life or experiences that illustrate the stages or  concepts of this theory.   (Erikson, Piaget, Vygotsy and Bronfenbrenner are already required for this paper so can’t be used for this section.).E.  Identify 2 challenges/problems the child has experienced  during this developmental stage (2-5 years of age). The issues can be  significant but don’t have to be (parent conflict, mean child at school,  health problem, etc)

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