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Critical thinking is not just specific thinking skills, but it includes both of cognitive skills and affective disposition” (Caihong, Huiying, Jieqiong, Honghua, Xinjun, & Yane, 2017). Critical thinking is not purely just a thought process, it involves taking the patient from the bigger picture and looking more in depth into their situation. Such as having a patient that is a COPD patient. When monitoring their oxygen saturation when know if its 89% they might live there. We know not to increase their oxygen very high because then they are more likely to retain the CO2. If not thinking critically, seeing a patient with an O2 saturation of 89% I might go to that patient and increase the oxygen through the nasal cannula, because looking at the bigger picture its bad to have low oxygen. However, if we thinking critically and look at the details of the patient, we would know to have the patient try pursed lip breathing, also using the tripod position before increasing the oxygen through the nasal cannula. Critical thinking allows us to analyze everything that is going on with our patients, and then providing appropriate care for them.

Evidence based practice (EBP) “is described as the integration of clinical expertise, the most up-to-date research, and patient’s preference to care” (Dean, 2018). In the chapter it mentions foley catheters and how they were placed in every patient. Evidence based practice is a form of critical thinking. Because of critical thinking, people were able to be see that a foley catheter was a foreign object, and places a patient at a higher risk of developing a hospital acquired infection. Because of EBP we are providing better patient care, and preventing further complications with the patient.


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