MN566 Advance Practice Assignment: Interprofessional Practice and Collaboration

Assignment Requirements: 

No Plegarism please, assignment will be checked with Turnitin. 

Will need minimum of 3 pages, title, and reference page APA Style, double spaced, times new romans, font 12, and and (3 references within 2016-2018) with intext citations). 


Interprofessional Practice and Collaboration:

The future of health care delivery will require multidisciplinary teams of health care professionals that collaborate to provide patient-centered care. The key to high performance in multidisciplinary teams is an understanding of the distinctive roles, skills, and values and ethics of all team members. 

What will be your role as an NP and how do you see yourself collaborating with other health care professionals? 

Why is this important to know and understand? Who benefits? Who are the stakeholders. 

Support your work with examples and evidence-based research.

 Utilize spelling and grammar check to minimize errors.

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