Post one response to the original post of any classmate? Your response should be 50+ words? Posting should ask for clarification, challenge respectfully ideas, or describe a situation that illustrates the points being made. Simply agreeing or disagreeing with a post is NOT adequate.1.In this situation my role as a nurse is to discuss all the options the family has for the 83-year-old patient with regards to her care. This situation can be a difficult decision because the daughter is torn because she wants to provide her mother the care but is unable to. Not only does this decision involve the family but also the patient. Although the patient has Alzheimer?s disease, it would be my duty to make sure if she left a advanced medical directive. If this is the case, then advocating for the patient?s wishes/preferences would be my duty. The hardest part about doing this would be if there are conflicting opinions on what is wanted by the family and the patient.One way I can help the daughter make the decision is by making her understand all possible outcomes to the options. For example, if she decides to keep her home, she might not give the proper care she needs and can deteriorate, also because she is hostile she can potentially hurt herself and others if not properly supervised, while on the other hand a long term care facility she will provide her the medical care she needs.There is a lot of information that can be given but at the moment I feel like the most important materials are ones that can help her make a decision such as Alzheimer?s association website to help her understand that it is degenerative so down the line, her mom will need more care. Another good piece of information is a reading that help?s one understand that guilt and grief are natural responses to moving a loved one to a care facility (Alzheimer?s Association, 2017). It gives suggestions on how to overcome these feelings and even books on other people?s same experiences. The end result should be for both parties to be in a position where their needs are met to the best of their abilities.2.In the scenario, my roles as a nurse are to advocate for the patient and her daughter, address their concerns and educate them. I will start by asking them about their concerns and what they want. If the patient is able to make a decision about her care, I will support her choice of whether to stay at home or go to a long-term care facility. If not, I will ask about her daughter?s concerns regarding the long-term care facility and assist her daughter in making a decision by providing all information which she needs. Finally, because Alzheimer’s disease can cause stress for the entire family, I will educate the patient and her daughter on the disease, including its effects and how to respond.Although she was initially opposed to the idea of her mother being placed in a long-term care facility, she may come to realize that moving her mother to one is the best thing for her safety and care after reviewing all of the material.I would provide the daughter with websites, emails, and phone numbers where she could learn more about Alzheimer’s illness and find local and national resources for assistance. I would also give her tips on how to interact with patients with Alzheimer?s disease and how to deal with stress. Moreover, I would provide her with options of long-term care facilities such as continuing care retirement communities, assisted living facilities, group homes, nursing homes andÿtips on how to find long-term care. For example, you should gather information, tour long-term care facilities, make plans for moving day, check how the person is doing and establish a rapport with staff (“Finding long-term care for a person with Alzheimer’s,” 2017).

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