Economic influences

– be sure to provide a meaningful response to at least two of your peers’ posts by the end of the week. In your responses to your peers, you might offer ways that individuals can mitigate a negative effect of these factors.

– you need to provide evidence to  support your statements.

– APA format.

first peer:  There are many factors that influence todays health care costs inflation effect the healthcare cost because as society grows the amount of people needing healthcare grow as well.  Inflation effects the cost of everything we buy and need, so naturally the cost of healthcare will go up as well.  The changes in population size, age and ethnicity effects the increase cost of care with the amount of people needing healthcare.  Technology of services effects the health care costs, because the cost of the equipment use for diagnosing health issues. We are using less people and more computers to assist with health care, for example at my job we used what we call Caravi, and instead of calling the on call doctor we use a computer.  We have access to a doctor 24 hours a day.  We actually take the computer in a patient room and they are able to talk with a live doctor and see the doctor face to face.  I’m sure the cost for equipment like this effects the cost of health care cost. 

Stanhope, M., Lancaster, J., & Stanhope, M. (2018). Foundations for population health in community/public health nursing. St. Louis, MO: Elsevier.

second peer: Health care costs are greatly influenced by many factors. In my opinion the greatest of these factors is the trickle effect of poverty. Impoverished persons seek less preventative care and typically have more health risks than those who are financially stable. Poverty leads to poor health and poor health leads to a less educated population. The community suffers when its residents lack education and quality affordable health care access. Often persons who cannot afford health insurances are forced to seek emergent care at hospitals that cannot turn them away based on their income. Hospitals and physicians write off their expenses and unpaid services. I recently read in an NPR.ORG the article entitled “The Gap Between Rich and Poor Americans’ Health is Widening”. It explains that the gap between the rich and the poor is spreading. This also includes the gap between the rising cost of living and minimum wage. It was likewise noted that in the most recent census quoted in this same article that most American’s felt as though their health was poor. This census compared to race, economic status, and gender differences. It found that those who reported the highest quality of health were rich Caucasian men whereas women and minorities struggled and deteriorated. Recent information also lent to greater studies of segregated neighborhoods and communities. Entire communities swiveled in declining health outcomes.

Neilson, Susie. 2018 June 28. Retrieved from

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