week three learning activity

For this assignment you will be creating a concept map.

1. Identify an individual in the media or a character in a movie with a medical diagnosis (for example, Michael J. Fox & Parkinson’s or Love and Other Drugs (Maggie) & Parkinson’s).

2. Summarize the individual/character and his/her medical diagnosis. Provide examples of the symptoms of the diagnosis and how the condition/symptoms impact his/her life.

3. Complete a patient report form (template provided). Fill it out by examining the signs and symptoms exhibited by the individual/character. You must have some data in each body system: Neuro, Cardiovascular, Respiratory, GI, GU, Integumentary, and Musculoskeletal. Note: you will not be able to fill out every item. You may write in notes specific to your character/individual.

4. Highlight all abnormal findings on the patient report form (you may use a Medical-Surgical textbook or the ATI Medical-Surgical book for assistance NOT a website on the internet).

5. Complete the concept map (template provided).

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