week 4.2

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When a researcher is formulating or testing a hypothesis, it is important to know which research approach to use. Study conditions for quantitative research and qualitative research differ. For qualitative research, questionnaires may be used to determine a person’s thoughts and behaviors. This information does not produce concrete statistical data to be used for researcher analysis. Quantitative data offers a more accurate approach to results by using data collection and statistical analysis on an objective outcome. Each of these approaches has advantages and disadvantages over study conditions.

Advantages of Quantitative Study Conditions

         Quantitative research uses data that measures objective outcomes from variables applied to a population. One advantage of control conditions for quantitative research is that controlled testing helps to support or debunk a hypothesis. Controlled study conditions help determine precise and predictable outcomes. Having a controlled group and comparing it to the group with variables helps the researcher obtain reliable data. Having a controlled study condition allows researchers the ability to analyze the objective outcomes that are produced by comparing the control group to the experimental group and determining the influence that variables have in the study. This accurate measurement of objective information from a controlled study condition also helps to reduce bias in the research results.

Disadvantages of Quantitative Study Conditions

         A disadvantage of control conditions for quantitative research is that the control group and experimental group will show numerical data and not explore human phenomena. The study conditions of quantitative research do not explore participant characteristics. Having control to test variables on people, diseases, or the environment is useful in determining differences between two groups when exposed to the variable, but it does not produce results that explain human nature. The study conditions of a quantitative approach to research do not display phenomena, which can negatively impact the interpretation of understanding why humans behave or think a particular way.

Advantages of Qualitative Study Conditions

         An advantage of control over qualitative research is that study conditions can explore human characteristics and phenomena more reliably than quantitative research. The study conditions for qualitative research are often gathered by using small sample groups which can produce faster and more cost-efficient results than quantitative designs. Study conditions for qualitative research can involve interviews and questionnaires, which produce results that explore the human experience.  

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