Week 3 project

InstructionsProfessional Practice PaperBased on the AP role of theperson that you interviewedin W1 Project, in a 3- to 5-page paper (excluding the title page, references, and appendices) describe the role, the type of organization, andaddress all the interview questions, and include:· List the type of organization. For example: Primary care office, ED, Specialty, cardiology GI etc.· List the type of and how many clients it serves. FP would see all ages. Research in your area the number of visits in a local office per year or # of visits seen local ED, specialty office etc.· the professional fit for advanced nursing role. “Fit” refers to the Qualifications in order to be an AP provider at that agency/organization.What license, credentialing (accrediting agency, and other expectations NPI, CMS)?· Include a brief job description· Discuss board of nursing NPA or scope of practice of the state. Include what the NPA in the state allows and restrictions.Week one project bellow:Week one ProjectAdvanced nursing practice is an essential component in the overall nursing and health care fraternity. The concepts used have been changing and are still changing over time. As there was a need and passion for improving on my skills and carrier as a nurse, I saw a need to join the South University for the advanced program in which I wanted to specialize in clinical nursing. As a clinical nurse specialist, I have been struggling in adaptation to meet challenges and the changing requirements of families. Patients and physicians Professor and Director Doctor of Nursing Practice Program Sacred Heart University Fairfield Connecticut Family Nurse Practitioner St Vincent’s Medical Centre Bridgeport Connecticut Susan M Denisco & Barker,2015). I have been facing a dilemma in which ambiguity and role confusion, and inability to explain the values of CNS economically. My main work as a clinical nurse specialist revolves around patient’s well-being and treatment.In a hospital setting, there is an assignment that needs to be dealt with by clinical nurses, and others require non –clinical persons to ensure the safety of the patients in the access of health care services. There are roles to be played by managers who are not necessarily clinical officers. The managers have a moral and legal obligation in ensuring the patient’s care is of standards, and in the case of mediocre quality, they tend to improve them. The managers are in a position to dictate and authorize systems, policies, and the climate around the institution. The role of a clinical nurse about the role of (ANP) Adult nursing practitioners is that they order and perform routine screenings and accuracy in diagnostic of diseases and other illnesses to patients. Check-Ups to patients above 12 years old. They are involved in ordering laboratory tests and also participated in the determination of the appropriate form of treatment for the various diagnosis. The role of the two helps a vital role in the promotion of the patient’s outcome and safety as ordering laboratory tests a nurse diagnoses the ailment while the action of a hospital manager is to ensure the correct and right quality of service to the patients and efficient management.An ANP role is that they focus mainly on adults from age 12 and above. The nurses are involved in dealing with chronic and acute illnesses (To practicing nurses to qualify as an ANP, passing in NCLEX-RN examination is mandatory for a certified registered nurse, while on top of that, there is a need to have experience of around and above two years. Concepts related to accreditation by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE) or ACEN. This concept applies to people seeking masters, doctoral or postgraduate program (Sarah B, Keating; EdD; MPH; RN; C-PNP; FAAN & Stephanie S. DeBoor; APRN; ACNS-BC; CCRN,2017). After earning a certificate in adult nursing practitioners, the license must be renewed every five years. Most of the concepts used in advanced nursing practitioners are almost the same as those used in nursing during the analysis of diagnosis, treatment, chemical formulas of medicines, and body reactions to certain products towards certain drugs for medication. For specialty reasons, one can take the midwife field or registered nurse. Am determined to advance in clinical nursing hence the knowledge, and many concepts I attained during my previous course are applicable even in the advanced stageInterview for a created postInterview to take place on 11/Nov/2019 at 1300hours.Name of the person: Hudson James MahmudCredentials: A highly qualified, energetic and capable to work despite challengesPosition: A senior general nurse practitionerQuestions1. The health provider is conducting an assessment on a patient who is taking properly for supraventricular tachycardia. Determine the assessment finding that may indicate the patient is experiencing the side effects of the drugs?2. While caring for a patient suffering experiencing postoperative bleeding, the nurse notes the rhythm observed on electrocardiogram (EKG) didn’t produce a pulse. What action should a nurse take to resolve the problem?3. A nurse working in an immunization center has to supervise medical assistance during a yellow fever vaccine administration. Who should the nurse question during the immunization on the schedule of the vaccine, and why?4. Describe the lab test and results for a patient having vitamin k deficiency.5. A nurse conducting a public education class on stroke prevention describes what must be included in the plan of teaching and the instructions to be given.6. A patient suffering from mild heart failure is given hydrochlorothiazide, also known as (Microzide). Describe what a nurse should determine the teaching and overall medication of a successful procedure?7. What questions should a nurse ask a patient prescribed with amitriptyline in the effort to manage depression when assessing the side effects?8. To a patient who has social phobia, a nurse is applying the use of implosion therapy. What intervention would the nurse include in this type of behavioral therapy?9. There was an incident in which a patient was brought in the emergency department after ingesting Ecstasy popularly known as MDMA, what symptoms should a nurse expect or anticipate?10. When offering care for emphysema patient, the nurse instructs the patient on positioning to assist in breathing during dyspnea, describe the positioning which is suitable for the patient.

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