SWOT Analysis of a Two Person Family Practice

                    SWOT Analysis of a Two Person Family Practice

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The project must needs to be personalized as if you are actively the Person in the Family Practice. 

Assume you are a two-person Family Practice office who is contemplating upgrading their current basic electronic health record to a new vendor in order to meet the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services goal of improving interoperability and patients’ access to health information (formerly known as meaningful use).

For your assigned components, conduct a SWOT analysis for the practice as the practice considers this initiative. Your identified components should be explicit and include an explanation as to why it is a strength, weakness, threat or opportunity. Your paper should be in APA format.

A SWOT analysis includes an organization’s self- assessment of their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats in their environment as they consider a new goal.  Strengths are those internal factors that are favorable to achieving the goal.

Easy communication, reliability, skilled professionals, time management skills, well detailed documentation, critical thinking ability, cost advantage, special expertise. Weaknesses are internal factors that interfere with achieving the goal.

Limited service, marketing deficiency, inadequate manpower, limited resources, lagging in technology, Opportunities are external factors that may help the organization attain its goal.

New technology, new market, competitor vulnerabilities, Threats are external factors that may hinder the organization’s attainment of its goal.

Increased competition, insurance plan changes, government policies, demographic changes, seasonality, changes in reimbursement.

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