Qualitative data

Topic 2 DQ 1Qualitative data is no easy mountain of information to climb. There are many ways to organize and manage all this data to make it easier for the researcher to categorize and make sure that there is an understanding of the data. Since there is so much data on these research endeavors, it is important for the nurse to remember the specific thing they are researching and try to stick to that. It is easy to go down a rabbit hole of different information and end up on the wrong side of the research. There are check lists called critical appraisal checklists (Squires, 2018). These are mostly used by the researchers who are providing the data but can be useful to the reader as well (Squires, 2018). Using research strategies and putting them into case studies and other relevant healthcare studies make it easier for the reader to keep focus. Organization can also be used per the readers specific learning type. Using tables and other things for visual learners (Squires, 2018). Auditory learners may benefit from research on YouTube or other sites that supply lectures. There are a lot of things that tie into this monstrous data collection, but by using these strategies the reader can be successful.Using 200-300 words APA format with references to support this discussion.Qualitative data has been described as voluminous and sometimes overwhelming to the researcher. Discuss two strategies that would help a researcher manage and organize the data.

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