Psychology  SOCW 6051 WEEK 1 Discusson 2

Part AExplain the root of black culture and Christianity. Then explain how the social construction of race, ethnicity, gender, and other multicultural characteristics impact your identity as a cultural being. Explain how your own definition as a cultural being is or is not consistent with the norms, categories, and constructs prescribed to your culture by social institutions. Finally, explain how an understanding of the social construction of culture is applicable to the work you will do in social work practice.Part Bprovide two examples of how social institutions define, challenge, or restrict cultural beings based on cultural bias, stereotypes, and prejudice. In addition, share an insight you learned from your colleagues’ posts that deepened your understanding of his or her video introduction.REQUIRED READINGS AND REFERENCEAdams, M., Blumenfeld, W. J., Castaneda, C., Catalano, D. C. J., DeJong, K., Hackman, H. W,… Zuniga, X. (Eds.). (2018). Readings for diversity and social justice (4th ed.). New York, NY: Routledge Press.Introduction, (pp. 1-6)Chapter 1 The Complexity of Identity: “Who am I”? (pp. 7–9)Chapter 2 Identities and Social Locations: Who Am I? Who are my people? (pp. 10-15)Chapter 4 Microaggressions, Marginality, and Oppression: An Introduction (pp. 22-27)

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