Psychology  Psychology Short Questions

Due Today on March 21, 2020Please answer before 10:00 pm.Short answersPlease keep it simple.A) In the following scenarios, try to imagine the brain of a person with the described head injury. What do you think is going wrong in each case? What are some alternatives?A man comes in after falling from a ladder. He is having trouble with his vision and balance and seems to have difficulty keeping his emotions in check. What structures of his brain might be affected and why? Where do you think his injury was? Consider different possibilities and try to discuss various alternatives.A woman has had a stroke and is having trouble with language. She understands what people say to her but can no longer read, even though her vision is perfect. She also has real difficulty speaking – she speaks in kind of a telegraphic style, so that when she thinks it’s hot and we should turn on the air conditioner she says, “hot… turn…”, trying to speak normally but leaving out most of the sentence, clearly frustrated. What structures do you think were affected by her stroke? Again, try to consider the whole system and various possibilities.B)Choose an important activity (for example, giving a presentation in class, helping someone in distress, going on a first date — you can choose any activity at all) and discuss how specific structures of the a) limbic system, b) brainstem, and c) cerebellum may be involved.

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