Psychology  Post

This writer would like to also point out Austrain (2008) ideas around how children are often hurried throught the middle childhood phase. This time is a time children are introduced to sex, drugs, violent video games, inapprorpiate television all which influence their perception moving forward. Austrian (2008) describes how this also influences childrens development of aggressive behaviors as well as ineffective ways to handle emotions. This writer currently works in the feild with children and adolecents whom stuggle with severe mental health and aggressive behaviors. In this writers experience, her current/past clients have been severly affected by social media, video games and their exposure to inappropriate televeision. This writer has seen first hand how clients miss out on growing up naturally due to these inapprorpaite exposures.References:Austrian, S. G. (2008). Developmental theories through the life cycle (2nd ed.). New York, NY: Columbia University Press.

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