Psychology  P-12 School Counseling Discussion Post 1A

Discussion post for Reflecting on the Role of a School Counselor:Must answer the following questions:Do I see myself as a potential leader in the school environment? ExplainDo I see myself as an advocate for all children in the school? ExplainWill I promote systemic change for the betterment of all students? ExplainAm I capable of clearly articulating my role and function to administrators, teachers, parents, students, and other stakeholders?      ExplainAm I capable of developing a comprehensive school counseling program that meets the identified needs of my school population? ExplainDo I see myself and my program as central to the mission of the school? ExplainCan I effectively evaluate the effectiveness of my school counseling program? ExplainAll initial posts should include in-text citations to provide credibility to what you are asserting and give credit to the author/researcher. This is an APA requirement. You must include a relevant reference or references!

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