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Discussion 1In responses to Jaimee and Kiera, indicate what you think it is about their examples that clarify the concept “mean of the sampling distribution.” The concept is abstract, but how do their examples make it concrete and more understandable? As an alternative, you could explain how the concept of a sampling distribution pertains to inferential statistics.Jamiee postSampling distribution means is about finding the accurate means of a sample size n= sample size or the accurate means of a population size N= sample population. You can sample the mean and sample the population by computing the samples in your data.For an example: I want to explore the heights of apple trees inside my backyard garden. I would select 5 apple trees and measure their height to get the average mean of the 5 apple trees. After finding out the calculated answer to the average mean you repeat the steps 25 times (25 steps of 5 heights). You should compute 25 sets of the mean of heights (25 means). Last step is knowing the sample distribution, you can do this by taking the mean of the 25 means and use it as a sample distribution.Kiera postFor my sampling distribution example, I decided to look through google and try to estimate the number of cats with yellow eyes. I went through the first 8 pages of google and counted the first 10 cats. I then counted how many of those 10 cats had yellow eyes. My results were 2,3,4,2,4,3,2,3, that means the average of all of them (sampling distribution) is about 2.875 cats out of 10 (28.75%). The mean of a sampling distribution is the average of random sample averages. I got that by adding all of the numbers together and dividing by 8. I determined 4 eye colors for cat’s and those were blue, green, yellow, and brown. Blue was the least likely eye color at 1.25 cats out of 10 (12.5%) and brown was most likely at 3.125 cats out of 10 (31.25%).The least likely color and most likely color of eyes for cats was expected. Seeing as how cats’ anatomies are similar to humans, I figured eye color would correlate a little bit. The most dominant eye color for humans is brown and the least dominant is blue so it makes sense that cats would follow similar results. Overall, I found it interesting how the numbers were so close with the random results proving that the mean of the sampling distribution is accurate.Reply to John and Byron and be constructive and professional, advancing the conversation with questions and examples.John PostOne of the worlds largest automobile makers is Toyota, “ranked No. 1 motor vehicle company for the sixth consecutive year on Fortune Magazine’s 2020 “World’s Most Admired Companies” annual ranking (Fortune 2020).” It is no surprise that their marketing strategy is world class. Toyota tailors it’s marketing to the gaining country by highlighting vehicle traits that compliment the climate and terrain of the area. Americans love their tough and rugged vehicles and because of our mountains, lakes and streams, Toyota plays on our heart strings showing their beautiful trucks driving down dirt roads and kicking mud up maybe with an American flag somewhere in the shot. In Japan, they may focus on the cityscape and smaller vehicles that can get from point A point B where parking is limited and more easily accessed by a sleek smaller ride. Different countries and regions mean directing their campaigns towards what is important to that particular population as well as creating vehicles specifically for certain areas. Overall Toyota vehicles are known for their ability to endure high mileage and their undeniable reliability. That is a trait they can market globally.Byron postTaking a look at how an international company has to adjust its distribution channels and marketing based on country, I chose to highlight my own company. Crown Lift Trucks is an international company that manufactures material handing equipment. With operations on multiple continents and being based in New Bremen, OH, it became necessary to make changes to the way the branches and distribution centers overseas got their inventory. One unique situation for us is in Brazil. There are tax laws in that country that prevent service vans from carrying inventory on the van. There are also restrictions on the dollar value of inventory that companies are allowed to keep on hand in their facilities. This posed a very unique issue that didn’t exist in the States where those restrictions aren’t in place and the hub exists in a centralized location that has quick access to virtually all of the country. In order to avoid a lot of the customs issues, and navigate the laws of that country, it became necessary to put an additional hub in Brazil. This was a difficult decision for the company because of the cost involved to set up an entire distribution center, but it paid off over time because of the reduced taxes, shipping, and logistics costs.

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