personal statement 23

  • 1)one page written career biography: explain what your career will look like in 10 years & how you got there. The focus should be on the jobs you plan to take and your motivation for taking them. (Single spaced and 1 page).
  • 2)Write a one-page description of strategies you use or plan to use to develop personal and informational networks over the next two years. (1 page single space)
  • 3)Identify & describe two different sectors and two different career positions that interest you.

the job I want in ten years is FBI Special Agent

1. Plan to work for the SFPD SVU as I have been an Intern there for already two year and know that working here is the start to law enforcement


3. Prepare for the written test

4. Prepare for the fitness test hire a personal trainer to prepare me physically

5. add more examples that make sense to get there.

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