PACU observation


can you help me to write this observation and you can use the information i have mentioned in draft and follow the rubrics APA format ( PACU 

Observation Site Grading Rubric



% allocated




“Time Out” Protocol

Aspects (10%), importance of   (5%), procedure for (5%)

20 %


5 safety guidelines/practices   (4% each)

· Must be specific to the   observation site

· Were these followed? (5%)

25 %


Priority nursing diagnosis for   1 patient in which you observed care (5%)

· Must include: related to   (5%), as evidenced by (5%), intervention (5%), goals (2.5%), and evaluation   (2.5%)

· No risk for diagnosis   will be accepted

25 %


Ethical/legal dilemma (include   a possible one if one was not witnessed)

10 %


Personal Reflection

5 %


2 Peer reviewed Nursing Journal   Articles (5% each) integrated into paper for support

10 %


APA Format

1-2 errors -1

2-4 errors -3

>5 errors Loss of 5

5 %

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