Musical Time Period Paper 3-5pages

Article Review Information Students will complete a 3-5 page paper on a Musical Time Period (i.e. Classical Period, Romantic Period, etc), Musical Group, Style of Music (i.e. Glam Rock) as found in the course text due by (see schedule). You must state examples of musicians and style of music in your review. Musical influences should also be included (ex:Rock and Roll was influence by the music of Africa). The review will be in MLA format as per MiddleGeorgia Technical College English standards. You must site your resources. Article Review outline for student reference: Title page with yourname, class, student ID, and research paper name. Introduction: 3-5 sentences telling what the paper is about. Main Body: several paragraphs about the topic Closing statement: paragraph that ties the entire paper together in a final thought, usually 3-5 sentences. Bibliographythat states your sources on a separate page

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