midterm choreographer assignment

A midterm paper is needed to be completed on choreographer ” Tania Isaac” . I’m attaching the example midterm paper and how the midterm needs to be written. also the steps below are the steps for the research and the paper to be completed.


For your midterm assignment you will research a choreographer and learn about their artistry and creative process in order to create a choreographer profile.


Step 1: If you have not already done so, select a choreographer from the list of names above and go to the Discussion Board to sate your selection (remember to make sure another student has not already selected your choreographer – no two students may do this assignment on the same choreographer).

Step 2: Begin your research by gathering information about your choreographer. This could be from their company website (if applicable), academic websites, newspaper reviews of concerts, interviews, etc. Gather as much information as you can about your artist’s career, where he / she began, how and why he / she started making work, his / her most influential dances, collaborators he / she worked with, the end of his / her career (if applicable), etc. Keep track of citations because you will need to include these in your assignment.

Step 3: Search for videos of this choreographer’s choreography on YouTube, Vimeo, or other website, to get familiar with this person’s choreography. As you watch, begin to make connections between any/all information you have gathered about this person’s work, and what you are seeing in their work. What do you think makes them famous?


Picture: Find an image of your choreographer or an image of one of your choreographer’s dances that you feel best represents their work. Insert that picture at the top of your profile. When you submit all your work in Blackboard, include the pictures by either attaching the file, or copy and pasting a URL link directly to the image.

Paragraph 1 – Biological Information: Write a general overview of your choreographer and their work. Be sure to include where they are from, where they make work, which time period, in which genre they create dance (contemporary ballet, modern, post-modern, improvisation), etc. Contextualize the time period in which the choreographer was/is making work by discussing how it might have affected his / her artistic choices. Discuss the larger bulk of the choreographer’s career, not just his / her beginnings. Discuss any major collaborators. Discuss how this artist was/is similar or different to other dance work that was/is happening at the time. This must be in your own words; do not simply copy and paste a bio you find online.

Paragraph 2 – Artistic Statement: From your research in reading about and viewing your choreographer’s dances, notice any overarching themes, qualities, or characteristic that are present in their work. Summarize those qualities in creating an artistic statement for this choreographer. Think about what this choreographer does in their choreography, what their work stands for or says to an audience, what do you think they feel is most important or more interesting in their dance-making, and what makes this choreographer special or unique. Do NOT simply re-word artistic statements that are already published online, as that would be plagiarism (I will be able to tell). Remember, this assignment enables you to dig into the creative mind of a choreographer and report back in your own conclusive words.

Paragraph 3 & 4 – Dance Analysis: Select two videos of two different dance pieces this choreographer has made. Introduce each dance and provide background information such as the premier year, location, etc. State how each dance exemplifies your choreographer’s artistic vision. Then provide detailed evidence from movement descriptions that support your argument on how these dances exemplify this artistic vision/statement. Make sure to include the URL link to each video in your submission, as well as it’s correct MLA citation in your works cited information.

Works Cited: Following the MLA citation formatting, include a Works Cited listing proper citations of ALL sources you used in your research including websites, books, reviews, interviews, videos, etc. Your Works Cited must demonstrate that you looked into multiple sources in your research.. not just one measly Wikipedia website. In-text citations must also be includes after all sentences in which you are using information from outside sources. See the Writing Resources tab for more information on this.


Write your paper in a Word Document and upload as an attachment after clicking on the assignment link above. (Google Docs, Pages, Notes will NOT be accepted or graded). Do not copy and paste your paper in the Comments section.

Remember, this project requires you to draw your own conclusions from your research and therefore must be in your own words. Do NOT simply copy and paste information from the internet – this is plagiarism. Also remember that citing your resources is an essential element to this project. Refer to the helpful information under the Writing Resources tab on the left side of your screen for more help/clarification on this.

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