Journal 7 —2 pages APA Format—No Plagiarism

TOPIC: Constructing a Nursing Budget using a Patient Classification SystemFollow the outline of the article and construct a Nursing BudgetDaily Journal format:1. All journal entries are 2 pages typed and double-spaced, reflective response which summarizes what you read and learned through reading articles.**Article attached**2. Font size = 12 Times New Roman3. Each entry is compliant with guideline questions.4. At least 1 Citation/s and reference list are compliant with APA 7th edition standardsContent:1. Date (corresponds with journal entry)2. What did I do? (Brief description of the activity)3. What did I learn? (Personal reflection)4. What were the positives and or negatives about the experience?5. What were the components that impacted your practice?6. Recommendations for future experiences or practice?Reflections must demonstrate a high degree of critical thinking in applying, analyzing, and evaluating key course concepts and theories from readings, lectures, media, discussions activities, and/or assignments. Insightful and relevant connections are made through contextual explanations, inferences, and examples. Synthesizes current virtual experience into future implications.

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