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For this Argument Note, I am required to choose 2 from the following and select up to 4 key points from each reading and summarize them:

  1. Pages 35-57 in Feminist Issues: Race, Class and Sexuality, 6th edition (2017). This chapter is written by Carmela Murdocca.
  2. Pages 62-85 in Feminist Issues: Race, Class and Sexuality, 6th edition (2017). This chapter is written by Corinne Mason. 3
  3. . Pages 1-36 in the book Bananas, Beaches and Bases, written by Cynthia Enloe.

I have chosen #1 and #2, please base the Argument Note on #1 (Page 35-57) and #2 (Page 62-85).

The most important part of this Argument Note are the 3 sections: Summary, Integration, Questions & Reactions (please see attached Argument Note (In Detail)).

How the Argument Note Paper should look like:

Minimum length is 3 pages. Maximum length is 5.25 pages, excluding title page and reference list. This is approximately 1300 words.

Final AN paper should be 3-5 pages of writing, and 5-7 pieces of paper, as follows:

Page 1: title page with your name, the course name, assignment title and date

Pages 2-4: Use up to 3 pages for your Summary section.
Note: This must contain in text citations. (Identify and summarize the key argument(s) or main point(s) of the readings)

Next page: Your Integration section.
(Pick one or two ways in which the author’s arguments or overall points from each reading relate to other course materials – how do the argument you summarized challenge, complement, complicate or in some other way relate to something you learned. Look points of similarity or difference and be sure to state how and why these arguments relate to one another. Please incorporate course concepts regarding: feminist theories, patriarchy and oppression and analyze why this issue/these conditions exist)

Last page of writing: your Questions and Reactions section.
(Summarize your reaction to the readings. Identify questions the readings raise for yo – this can be the place to put your specific questions about which parts of the reading did not make sense; discuss your reaction to the content, not the style of the reading, focus on items that were not discussed in this reading)

Final page: Your Reference List. In full APA format.
(All sources cited should all be in the textbooks, specifically
Mandell, N. (2017) – Feminist issues Race, class and sexuality (6th edition) PAGES 35-57 and PAGES 62-85). You may reference outside materials in your integration and question/reaction sections but the focus of this paper is to summarize and reflect on the assigned readings.)

NOTE: Please do not include reactions to readings in the Summary or Integration sections of the argument Notes.

please see attached documents below

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