explain the the ideas

Educational context:Imagine that you are leading a workshop, and the topic of this workshop is “Intercultural communication in education”.Your audience is composed of college freshman.With this workshop in mind, answer the following:

Identify five pieces of information that are critical for college students to understand.Rank order these ideas.

Explain how each of these ideas could enhance one’s intercultural competence.Provide specific examples:

  • All participants in the educational context—teachers, students, parents, school administrators, and other staff—bring their cultures’ beliefs, values, norms, and social practices with them.


  • The starting point for developing intercultural competence in the educational context is to understand one’s own cultural background.


  • Teachers, then, have a particular responsibility to demonstrate intercultural communication competence. Often the first step for teachers is to become more aware of cultural differences and then adapt when and how they approach their students.


  • Another key set of relationships in which competent intercultural communication is essential is in the interaction of parents, and sometimes other family members, with school personnel, including teachers, administrators and others


  • From the expectations for students interacting with their teachers, to the manner in which they relate with one another, to the language and topics considered appropriate for teachers and students to discuss, to the overall structure of interaction within a classroom—culture affects perceptions of competent classroom interaction.


Explain the five ideas above and provide example.

I also attached sample paper to look at. Please review the sample. You don’t have to use any other source.

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