explain gilligan s theory of moral reasoning and use it to evaluate one person in particular

The assignment itself is fairly simple. Explain Gilligan’s theory of moral reasoning and then apply it to one person in particular. The person can be anybody you’d like, whether that’s a athlete, celebrity etc. The paper has the following requirements

1. fully answer the prompt

2. 3-4 pages in length

3. typed in palatino linotype size 12 font

4. APA reference page

5. Any citations must be included in the body of the paper

I appreciate your hard work, but with that being said this paper cannot be perfect. Please have some minor errors, within reason of course. Lastly, I will run the paper through turnitin prior to submission so please be careful with the content that you draw from other sources. If there is a significant amount of plagiarism detected I cannot pay you. Thank you in advance!

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