Essay phi


You must select for this assignment one of the questions or topics provided in the following list. You must conduct research on the topic you selected and write in your own words a short (200 – 250 words), essay in which you report your research findings and conclusions. Why would it have been difficult to carry on scientific investigation in primitive societies or in the Middle Ages?. Why is it often impossible to study social problems by means of the experimental method? What are the advantages of the interdisciplinary approach to the study of many social problems? Identify some of the legal systems that have existed in Western society and discuss whether you believe that any of their provisions are still relevant today. How did the Arab world influence the development of Western society in the Middle Ages? Identify some of the wars that altered the course of Western society and discuss some of the changes they promoted. Discuss which is, according to your text, the most important problem facing Western society today and what do you think could be done to solve it.

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