Life and the health care system are dominated by technology, and most of the impact that technology has on health care is positive. However, according to Taylor (2013) there are also risks involved with the extensive use of technology in healthcare. For example, communication errors and breach in confidentiality can quickly happen through the widespread use of technology (Taylor, 2013).

Technology is an integral supportive and integrative part of my project implementation process. The project focus is development and implementation of a formal unit-based preceptor program. Following are some ways that computer technology will be used for my change project initiative: For education purposes during the mandatory class that all potential preceptor’s need to attend before being qualified to precept another colleague. To develop a structured unit-based plan that all preceptors and preceptees will follow during the orientation phase. To measure preceptor expectations and performance during the orientation of a preceptee. It will be used as an evaluation tool to document and measure preceptee goals, performance, and satisfaction. It will be used as a tool to track and measure patient outcomes, nurse retention rates, nurse competency and skills, and job satisfaction which are evidence-based research outcomes that are expected to increase with a structured formal unit-based preceptor program.

Since computer technology is already an integral part of the work process on the unit that this project initiative will be implemented, I see no barriers that would prevent the use of it for the focused project change. Many computer technology advances in health care will continue to be used to provide safe environments for patients and their families (Taylor, 2013).


Taylor, K. (2013). Technology in general practice—is it risky business? Practice Nurse, 

43(5), 10-11. Retrieved from https://search-ebscohost-



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