Door door

Appendix ATicket to ClassDue on:No single word responses (At least 100+ words in your response. Repeating the question in the answer does not count towards the 100+ words)Give questions some thought and answer honestly and sincerelyGive examples if you have themCite resourcesAssignment:You are viewing social media at home when you notice one of your coworker?s post on Facebook. The post is complaining about an elderly patient on your unit at work. The post reveals that the patient has Alzheimer?s disease and is ?crazy? and your coworker states ?I can?t wait until she is transferred out of here and back to Comfort Care Homes. After this shift, you will find me at the bar, line them up, I will need it.? Additionally, the coworker?s full name, occupation and employer are listed on their ?about me? page.Answer the following question:1. What would you do regarding this posting? Explain clearly what you would do and why.

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