Critical Reading and Researching Main Ideas


 Critical Reading and Researching Main Ideas

In this Week’s Discussion, you reviewed reading strategies and examined your own research process. Now you will put these concepts and insights in practice for this Week’s Assignment.

To prepare for this Assignment:

Review      the Learning Resource on Determining the Main Points of a Reading. Choose one of      the preselected journal articles in this week’s Learning Resources. Applying      the concepts from this week’s resources, critically read the journal      article, taking notes or engaging in any research methods that you would      like to try.

By tomorrow 11/09/17, post a 2-3 paragraphs long essay in APA format with 2 references from the list below. Include the level one and two headings as numbered below:

1) Select three related main points from the journal article (excluding the Abstract), and directly quote them (see attached pdf for the article).

2) In addition to the directly quoted main points, compose 1–2 sentences of rationale for each main point.


3) Use these sentences to explain the reason you selected each point from the journal article. Consider the following questions in your rationale:

a. Why are these three specific points the author’s main ideas?

b. What makes them stand out to you as a critical reader?

c. How are these main points related to one another?

By tomorrow 11/09/17 Submit your Application using the Walden Course Paper template by Day 7. Your submission should be at least 3 paragraphs long.

Required Readings

Walden University Writing Center. (2015i). Walden templates: General templates: APA course paper template (6th ed.). Retrieved from

Laureate Education. (2015). [Infographic]. Understanding Arguments, Baltimore, MD: Author.

Walden University Academic Skills Center. (2017). Determining the main points of a reading. Minneapolis, MN: Author.

Walden University. (2015). Writing a Paper: Understanding Arguments. Retrieved from

Online journal articles:

Grad Writing II: (see attached PDF article)

From the list of selected journal articles, choose and critically read one article in preparation for this week’s Assignment (see attached PDF for the selected article). 

Please note: You will use your selected journal article throughout the course.

Note: Walden Library Guides house a selection of journal articles listed in the resources sections for each week/module for which they are required. The citation of the reading is provided and below the citation it should state “Retrieved from the Walden Library databases.”

Required Media

Walden University Writing Center (Producer). (2014, January 13). WriteCast: Five strategies for critical reading (Episode 5) [Audio podcast]. Retrieved from

Note: The approximate length of this media piece is 11 minutes.



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